The cost of not hiring a bookkeeper

Good and accurate book keeping is an essential part of a successful business.

Clear, understandable book keeping records are vital to any owner – and being presented in recognised formats, will be required by banks or investors when seeking loans or other funding. Seeing your business’ financial health in this way can also help you to analyse where you can make changes in your business to minimise issues and improve your bottom line.

Book keeping may be considered as a massive chore by some people – In many cases the paperwork and bookkeeping gets left until the box or bag that it’s being ‘filed’ in becomes over flowing ……but it IS necessary! That’s where Black Country Accounts can help, by keeping all your book keeping records up to date for you – and providing regular reports that are informative & easy to understand.

Most small business owners believe that they don’t need a bookkeeper as they can do the books themselves and save some money. In reality, not all business owners are interested in maintaining the books for their business. As is the case with so many things, life and business get priority, and the books get left for “a later date”. Sometimes, this can result in missed deadlines and hefty penalties, or mistakes being made.

If you understand the importance of good book keeping but also value your time, then why not hand your books to a qualified book keeper to take away the stress, and have peace of mind that your accounts are in order and accurately taken care of. Get in touch with Black Country Accounts today to see how we can help.

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