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What are the issues with leaving your books until a few weeks before the tax return is due?

A whole year’s work in one go! Taking time away from what you should be doing – running your business. In many trades, this will mean a loss of income for the time taken off. Mistakes could be made. If HMRC decided to do an audit of your company, there could be potential fines payable. […]

What if you are on top of everything, is there still need to hire a bookkeeper

Yes, there are many reasons why you should still hire a bookkeeper: They have studied for many years to get qualifications and experience, just as a business owner has done in their trade. This means all the transactions, receipts and invoices will be posted correctly. A business owner who hasn’t studied bookkeeping, would not know all […]

The cost of not hiring a bookkeeper

Good and accurate book keeping is an essential part of a successful business. Clear, understandable book keeping records are vital to any owner – and being presented in recognised formats, will be required by banks or investors when seeking loans or other funding. Seeing your business’ financial health in this way can also help you to […]